Our story

Scyne Advisory is an Australian company, registered with ASIC, with a Board including an independent Chair, a staff appointed director and two additional non-executive independent directors alongside two directors from the majority shareholder.

We are an independent, contemporary, national business with the scale and capabilities to support public purpose projects and governments at all levels right across Australia.

Setting a new standard for public purpose advisory services in Australia, Scyne Advisory is conflict free from the private sector, with rigorous governance and accountability frameworks and standards.

Scyne Advisory is an Australian company, with an independent Chair and a Board, with two other non-executive directors, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Our vision is to be the public purpose specialists, focused on helping governments and their agencies build more resilient, secure, equitable and prosperous communities.

Guided by values

Stronger Together
Working as a team, we are stronger through the connections we have. They are based on respect and trust. By collaborating to solve problems we create shared value and success.
Amplify Impact
Purpose and passion are at
our core. We value what we know and invest in that every day. Client focus is central and we are proud of the work we do. 
Build Trusted Relationships
Our relationships are open, frank and fearless. Trust comes from our care and taking time to understand. Our focus is on how we work as well as what we do.
Value Every Person
Respect is the foundation of how we work with each other. We encourage debate and diversity of views. We are different but equal.
Think Beyond Limits
We embrace a spirit of creativity and are curious in how we explore new ideas. We challenge how we have ‘always done things’. Learning is key to this, both from experience and in staying ahead of the issues facing our clients.
Defined by Ethics
Honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour are non-negotiables. We do what is right, not what is easy. Our clients and teams are clear on where the boundaries are.

What we stand for

Our governance structure is purpose built to address the vision of the business, its values and the needs of regulators and clients. We have specific committees including a Probity, Conflict and Ethics Committee, whose role is to address conflict issues.

All committees report into the Board, which has an independent Chair and two other independent non-executive directors, amongst the six members of the Board.
Code of Conduct
Scyne Advisory team members are bound by a Code of Conduct that is aligned to the Australian Public Service (APS) Code of Conduct, both of which include requirements to behave honestly and with integrity, as well as to treat information in the strictest confidence.

Download the Code of Conduct (PDF, 808 KB)
Download the Consequence Management Policy (PDF, 431 KB)
Support Public Sector Skills & Capability Uplift
We build public sector skills and capability during our projects, ensuring we leave behind completed projects with a legacy of success that agencies have the skillset to build on.
Trust & Transparency
We aim to build trust and transparency with our clients through a clear methodology and agreed milestones. We welcome client feedback and use this to actively build on our service offerings. 

Scyne Advisory is committed to full and frank disclosure to its clients and transparency to government. This includes disclosing any material conflicts of interest to our clients, so they are informed about, and jointly involved in, decisions relating to the appropriate management of conflicts.
Speak Up Policy
Our Speak Up Policy ensures that team members have the ability to report any potential cases of wrongdoing, or other concerns, in a safe and secure manner where confidentiality is ensured. Where ethical concerns are substantiated, we will publicly disclose details around these concerns alongside Scyne Advisory's response measures.

Scyne Advisory encourages employees to speak up, helping to create a culture and workplace where everyone feels safe to ask questions or raise concerns and is confident that issues will be handled in a sensitive and considerate way.

Download the Speak Up Policy (PDF, 834 KB)
Modern Slavery Policy
Our Modern Slavery Policy ensures that our people, and those people across our supply chains, are not exploited for personal or commercial gain.

Scyne Advisory’s Modern Slavery Policy sets out our actions in addressing modern slavery risks and concerns, and helping to create fair and equal workplaces at Scyne Advisory and our suppliers.

Board of directors

Portrait shot of John Mullen
John Mullen
Portrait shot of Andrew Greenwood
Andrew Greenwood
Non-executive Director
Portrait shot of Claudine Ogilvie
Claudine Ogilvie
Non-executive Director
Portrait shot of Jane Quodling
Jane Quodling
Portrait shot of Adrian Loader
Adrian Loader
Portrait shot of Fay Bou
Fay Bou

Our leadership team

Executive Leadership
Portrait shot of Richard Gwilym
Richard Gwilym
Managing Partner
Portrait shot of Kate Evans
Kate Evans
People Leader
Portrait shot of Josh Chalmers
Josh Chalmers
Capability Leader
Portrait shot of Emily Prior
Emily Prior
Strategy & Go-to-Market Leader
Portrait shot of David Sacks
David Sacks
Geography Leader
Portrait shot of Jamie Briggs
Jamie Briggs
Corporate Affairs Leader
Portrait shot of Nick Sutherland
Nick Sutherland
Chief Financial Officer
Portrait shot of Melissa Wong
Melissa Wong
Chief People Officer
Portrait shot of Sarah Niederle
Sarah Niederle
Chief Risk Officer
Portrait shot of Richard Hilliard
Richard Hilliard
Chief Information Officer
Portrait shot of Brad Leahy
Brad Leahy
Chief Operations Officer
State and Territory Leaders
Portrait shot of Ben Neal
Ben Neal
ACT Leader
Portrait shot of Di Rutter
Diane Rutter
NSW Leader
Portrait shot of David Sacks
David Sacks
VIC & TAS Leader
Portrait shot of Chris Rogan
Chris Rogan
QLD & NT Leader
Portrait shot of Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson
SA Leader
Portrait shot of Tricia Tebbutt
Tricia Tebbutt
WA Leader
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